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   We can observe important phenomenon in the now society- ageing of population. The loss of intellectual functions [such as thinking, remembering and reasoning] of sufficient severity to interfere with a person's daily functioning. Dementia is not a disease itself but rather a group of symptoms that may accompany certain diseases or conditions. Symptoms may also include changes in personality, mood and behaviour. Dementia is irreversible when caused by disease or injury but may be reversible when caused by drugs, alcohol, hormone or vitamin imbalances or depression. Dementia prevalence rates for all men and for women up to age 65 - 5,1%, prevalence rates over 80 years old- more them 20% and rising to over 50% in over 95 years.

             There are many different forms of Dementia of which Alzheimer’s disease is the most common (50-70%). In the first stage Alzheimer disease in many cases is treat how Dementia and only later how Alzheimer. According epidemiological research in the EU, we can make prerequisite, that in Lithuania we have about 25-35.000 people with Alzheimer disease. ALZHEIMER DISEASE is primary neurodegenerative brain disorders. It is diagnosed by a process of elimination, as well as a careful examination of a person's physical and mental state, rather than by finding actual evidence of the disease. Brain imaging.

             A carer or relative may be asked to provide information about the person's behaviour, e.g. difficulties getting dressed, washing, handling finances, keeping appointments, travelling alone, managing at work and using household appliances. A neuropsychological assessment is usually carried out. This involves finding out about possible problems with memory, language, planning and attention. As the disease progresses, effects become increasingly evident and the person with Alzheimer becomes more dependent on other people for help and support.(Read Alzheimer disease).

             New technology and Innovation give possibility will make correction and regeneration of metabolism process in the cell, immune system of people with Dementia. Elderly Alzheimer care home "Amžiaus žiedas" successfully use "Long Healthy Ageing methodology" of "Fohow" company. We make examination of blood circulation in the patient brain and correction !

             In Lithuania the first Elderly Alzheimer care(nursing) home VšĮ "Amžiaus žiedas" (I-II department) was founded in A.Jasaičio str.16, Kaunas 26 02 2009, near Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno Klinikos. The founder and director of first Elderly Alzheimer care(nursing) home in Lithuania VšĮ "Amžiaus žiedas" became orthopedic and traumatology surgeon Edmundas Jonynas-Koževnikovas.


The staf of Elderly Alzheimer care(nursing) home VšĮ "Amžiaus žiedas" - 35 people.